Borderlands – Narrative Analysis

Borderlands’ narrative shows a complete dearth of ambition, stalling throughout, greater and deeper player engagement rarely achieved – the narrative exists as a mere framework for the gameplay, which is prioritized to the last. Opening the narrative is a brief, highly stylized cutscene, introducing the game’s trademark cel-shaded aesthetic, which imparts commanding uniqueness. This cutsceneContinue reading “Borderlands – Narrative Analysis”

Borderlands – Final Review

Narratively, Borderlands shows a poverty of ambition, its story construction unremarkable and uninspired, with a total absence of character development, or the establishment of a singular, menacing antagonist. True, a solid motivation is established from the first, which consistently guides the player throughout, never wavering, one central anchor – here the game shows a senseContinue reading “Borderlands – Final Review”