Fable: Anniversary The Lost Chapters – Final Review

            The Lost Chapters component of Fable Anniversary exists as a fairly straightforward expansion, though I am hesitant to even apply that term to the added content, which is rather slight; I was able to complete the entire thing in three or so hours, taking in most of the sights and deliberately and carefully exploringContinue reading “Fable: Anniversary The Lost Chapters – Final Review”

Fable: Anniversary – Final Review

            Fable Anniversary’s gameworld is fantastic. The land of Albion, influenced strongly by Medieval England, is a beautiful land, one of great diversity in terms of locales; technically, it may be seen as unimpressive, or possibly just dated; the textures are not exactly mind-blowing, and the facial animations and character designs for the NPC’s areContinue reading “Fable: Anniversary – Final Review”

Fable: Anniversary – Impressions 2

            One thing that has really stood out to me in Fable Anniversary after twelve or so hours is the clever marriage of linearity and more open-ended level design. The maps are all rather small in size, basic too, though certain of them have branching paths, which often lead to side areas and locations whichContinue reading “Fable: Anniversary – Impressions 2”

Fable: Anniversary – Impressions 1

            While being a remaster in a different, newer engine, graphically Fable Anniversary seems inconsistent – while universally improved graphically over its antiquated predecessor, it still suffers from some technical shortcomings; it is not truly, impressively, modern. The faces and character models are decent at best, though the environments fare better; trees in their beautifulContinue reading “Fable: Anniversary – Impressions 1”