Open World Analysis – Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5’s open world environment of Hope County, Montana, is frequently of a beautiful, atmospheric sort, expertly capturing life as it is lived within one distinct region of the vast, diverse United States, and all throughout the developers embraced sincerity, authenticity. Much technical excellence permits the developers to achieve this vision; draw distances areContinue reading “Open World Analysis – Far Cry 5”

Far Cry 5 – Final Review

Far Cry 5 is incredibly atmospheric, boasting rich world-building and environmental diversity, which together heighten the joys of exploration, central to the overall experience; the decision to situate the narrative in rural, decidedly American, Montana was a bold one, being a radical departure from the game worlds featured in earlier Far Cry titles; the potentialitiesContinue reading “Far Cry 5 – Final Review”