Far Cry Primal – Final Review

            The best thing that Far Cry Primal has going for it is its game world. Sprawling and seemingly unending, this massiveness is complemented by a rich diversity in landscapes, beautiful graphics, and an almost exaggerated, creative interpretation of the world of 10,000 B.C. From the cold, snowy, glacier-filled mountains of the north through toContinue reading “Far Cry Primal – Final Review”

Far Cry Primal – Impressions 4

            As the plot progresses in the game, the main missions have become increasingly elaborate. The difficulty curve leading to this place has been fairly consistent; I never felt as though I undertook a mission and was grossly underprepared. It’s a very gradual, logical progression, and I never felt overpowered, either, even as I unlockedContinue reading “Far Cry Primal – Impressions 4”

Far Cry Primal – Impressions 3

            Not to do a complete about face, but rather than being indifferent towards the progression systems in the game, I have actually become engrossed in the core gameplay loop. Every object in the game world has a purpose, whether it be big or small. Cleverly, the resource drops are tied directly towards the area;Continue reading “Far Cry Primal – Impressions 3”

Far Cry Primal – Impressions 2

            Far Cry Primal falls victim to, and benefits from, the tropes that plague most open world games. The map is large and sprawling and is very well designed. There is always something just around the corner, and the overall map is littered with various icons and objectives. Part of the fun comes in simplyContinue reading “Far Cry Primal – Impressions 2”

Far Cry Primal – Impressions 1

            Visually, Far Cry Primal is striking. The colors are crisp and vibrant, and the vegetation modelling is especially impressive. The draw distance is also noteworthy, though the textures for distant objects are lacking. But beyond colors the world excels because of how fantastical it seems. Even from the first, the world is established asContinue reading “Far Cry Primal – Impressions 1”