Open World Analysis – Grand Theft Auto IV

On a foundational level, Grand Theft Auto IV’s sprawling open world environment is not exactly unique, taking New York City as greatest inspiration, an environment adopted by countless others in the open-world genre – here, though, the city is not an exact replication, but an interpretation, something creative and imaginative, lending to the game aContinue reading “Open World Analysis – Grand Theft Auto IV”

Grand Theft Auto IV – Final Review

Grand Theft Auto IV is epic in scope; the journey the protagonist Niko Bellic embarks on is a long, winding one, a literal odyssey. Arriving in Liberty City, a supposed beacon brimming with opportunity, Niko is met with an affectionate reception by his loving if cowardly cousin, boyhood companion. Roman, though installed in Liberty CityContinue reading “Grand Theft Auto IV – Final Review”

Grand Theft Auto IV – Impressions 1

Grand Theft Auto IV exists as a heavily character-driven title, abounding in figures both compelling and vile, each uniquely memorable. The protagonist, Niko Bellic, hailing from an undisclosed Eastern European nation, is instantly likable, much of his endearing powers stemming from superb voice-acting, which communicates much about his past and the land he departed from;Continue reading “Grand Theft Auto IV – Impressions 1”