Outlast 2 – Narrative Analysis

Much of Outlast 2’s narrative is delivered in a fairly conventional fashion, narrative developments achieved through documents found scattered about the game’s principal environment, a vast, untamed desertscape in the heart of Arizona, possibly long forgotten by dent of its geographic isolation. Clever flourishes are attached to these documents, the various authors imparting their ownContinue reading “Outlast 2 – Narrative Analysis”

Outlast 2 – Final Review

Outlast 2’s narrative is characterized by a calculated vagueness, manifold questions arising, no concrete answers ever provided. The opening sees a husband and wife duo – Lynn, an investigative reporter, and Blake her cameraman partner – traveling by plane over a vast Arizona wilderness in the darkness of night, vision greatly obscured, the commanding environmentalContinue reading “Outlast 2 – Final Review”