Titanfall 2 – Final Review

Titanfall 2 is an interesting, ambitious game. The developers ceaselessly sought to push forward traditional shooter controls, giving the player great mobility and freedom of movement, and mostly succeed. Despite the relative complexity which might typically accompany such systems, here everything is very intuitive; wall running, double jumping, sliding – combining these abilities is seamlessContinue reading “Titanfall 2 – Final Review”

Titanfall 2 – Impressions 1

Titanfall 2 starts off fairly strong. We are swiftly introduced to our protagonist, Cooper, a plucky, ambitious sort desperate to break through, rise beyond his rank and achieve the much-coveted position of pilot, thus having at his command his own titan and companion; it seems to be his one dream. In these opening sequences, theContinue reading “Titanfall 2 – Impressions 1”