Amnesia: Rebirth – Final Review

Amnesia Rebirth’s narrative is a nonsensical, muddled mess, rarely engaging, excessively abstract, poorly and lazily presented – after an immensely promising start, there is a rapid and constant descent into dull incoherence – very few are the positive attributes. The existence of this promising opening, meanwhile, only makes more frustrating that painful descent. Regarding thisContinue reading “Amnesia: Rebirth – Final Review”

Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Final Review

Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s greatest ambition – and greatest achievement – is related to the construction and maintenance of atmosphere. Unfolding in a sprawling manor deep in the woods of Prussia, the game is of a decidedly moody sort, arresting and impactful from the first. Clever manipulation of light and shadow contribute to this atmosphericContinue reading “Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Final Review”