On Open World Game Design

The hastiness with which open world games have ascended to industry dominance is compelling and profound indeed. A much acclaimed, pioneer of the genre – Grand Theft Auto III – released little over a scant two decades ago, its release considered as a watershed moment for the industry, the release advancing that selfsame industry; Rockstar’sContinue reading “On Open World Game Design”

Open World Analysis – Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4’s technically and artistically beautiful open world of Kyrat is constantly in a state of motion, the game world teeming with life. This bustling nature directly enhances the joys of exploration, which constitutes a considerable portion of the overall gameplay experience. The ample animal presence is amongst the greatest communicators of this life;Continue reading “Open World Analysis – Far Cry 4”

Open World Analysis – Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5’s open world environment of Hope County, Montana, is frequently of a beautiful, atmospheric sort, expertly capturing life as it is lived within one distinct region of the vast, diverse United States, and all throughout the developers embraced sincerity, authenticity. Much technical excellence permits the developers to achieve this vision; draw distances areContinue reading “Open World Analysis – Far Cry 5”

Open World Analysis – The Sinking City

The Sinking City’s central location, the derelict Massachusetts town of Oakmont, is like a place lost to time; geographically isolated and absent from any maps, it has developed into a microcosm of sorts, largely unaffected and uninfluenced by the wider world, this isolation also resulting in the formation of a wholly unique society; Oakmont’s citizensContinue reading “Open World Analysis – The Sinking City”

Open World Analysis – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s open world city of Glass is abounding in creativity, its environments oftentimes singular in their beauty, perpetually engaging and arresting. The game’s greatest displays of creativity stem largely from the bold, liberal usage of color – tranquil blues and violets have a prominent presence, as do striking yellows; everywhere is vibrancy; everywhereContinue reading “Open World Analysis – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst”

Open World Analysis – Dying Light

Dyling Light’s vast, open-world city of Harran is unique at its very foundation, taking as inspiration more Middle Eastern stylings, which are traditionally neglected in video game map design. This vision is clung to zealously, the potentials inherent to that environment seized upon fully – it is reflected in the city’s architecture, its foliage, and,Continue reading “Open World Analysis – Dying Light”

Open World Analysis – Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3’s Rook Island is frequently beautiful, anchored by much technical excellency. Draw distances can be impossibly long, mountains and valleys visible always, save when enveloped in some thick jungle canopy, blotting out the skies, the surrounding geographic structures. This expansiveness, when it is on full display, does bely somewhat of a failing, asContinue reading “Open World Analysis – Far Cry 3”

Open World Analysis – Grand Theft Auto IV

On a foundational level, Grand Theft Auto IV’s sprawling open world environment is not exactly unique, taking New York City as greatest inspiration, an environment adopted by countless others in the open-world genre – here, though, the city is not an exact replication, but an interpretation, something creative and imaginative, lending to the game aContinue reading “Open World Analysis – Grand Theft Auto IV”