Open World Analysis – The Sinking City

The Sinking City’s central location, the derelict Massachusetts town of Oakmont, is like a place lost to time; geographically isolated and absent from any maps, it has developed into a microcosm of sorts, largely unaffected and uninfluenced by the wider world, this isolation also resulting in the formation of a wholly unique society; Oakmont’s citizensContinue reading “Open World Analysis – The Sinking City”

Open World Analysis – Dying Light

Dyling Light’s vast, open-world city of Harran is unique at its very foundation, taking as inspiration more Middle Eastern stylings, which are traditionally neglected in video game map design. This vision is clung to zealously, the potentials inherent to that environment seized upon fully – it is reflected in the city’s architecture, its foliage, and,Continue reading “Open World Analysis – Dying Light”

On Verticality in Video Games

Verticality in video games serves a number of functions, principally providing greater strategic freedom. As a secondary effect, vertical expansion can help to convey the largeness of the world proper – views from above afford a different sort of perspective, cities and landscapes laid out in their totality, one singular entity. In many games, also,Continue reading “On Verticality in Video Games”