Open World Analysis – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s open world city of Glass is abounding in creativity, its environments oftentimes singular in their beauty, perpetually engaging and arresting. The game’s greatest displays of creativity stem largely from the bold, liberal usage of color – tranquil blues and violets have a prominent presence, as do striking yellows; everywhere is vibrancy; everywhereContinue reading “Open World Analysis – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst”

Battlefield 1 – Final Review

Battlefield 1 is terribly bleak tonally, its themes characterized by a certain unflinching maturity; difficult subjects are not skirted but are instead embraced – narratively, the title is a masterwork. In terms of construction, it is comprised of five distinct “war stories,” each one being totally unique, featuring different protagonists and secondary characters, showing aContinue reading “Battlefield 1 – Final Review”

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – Final Review

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons expertly manages to court player engagement and investment from its very opening, beginning with a well-animated cutscene, seeing the death of a still unidentified woman, the precise nature of her death being drowning. The cutscene, also, shows the futile attempts of a young boy to prevent that drowning; tossedContinue reading “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – Final Review”

Splinter Cell: Conviction – Final Review

Splinter Cell: Conviction’s narrative shows no innovation, characterized by a dearth of ambition, embracing to the last the tropes of generic, uninspired spy fiction. Some intrigue is admittedly present, but it is fleeting – a few moments of narrative greatness, emotional heft, cannot salvage what is otherwise disastrous, unengaging. The intrigue which is present stemsContinue reading “Splinter Cell: Conviction – Final Review”

Mafia III – Impressions 1

Narratively, Mafia III is engaging from the first. The game initially opens with a hint of optimism, an optimism which is promptly and totally displaced by overwhelming bleakness, greatly characterizing the narrative, the characters, and the world-building. This temporary optimism principally arises when considering the protagonist, Lincoln Clay, a soldier returning from a violent tourContinue reading “Mafia III – Impressions 1”

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger – Final Review

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger’s greatest achievement is its evocation of place, expertly capturing the atmosphere and stylings of the American West, and even more exotic locations, like Mexican deserts and sandscapes. In a stroke of mastery, these diverse environments coalesce, resulting in one cohesive whole, contributing also to the game’s abundance of charm. Beyond theseContinue reading “Call of Juarez: Gunslinger – Final Review”

Crysis 2 – Final Review

Narratively, Crysis 2 is abounding in potential, though that potential is compromised by an excess of narrative ambition. Rather than embracing precision and conveying one focused, succinct narrative the game overreaches in attempting to tell a multitude of stories, touching on the hostile alien Cephs, developing also a debilitating sickness, the Spore, also elaborating uponContinue reading “Crysis 2 – Final Review”

Battlefield 4 – Final Review

Technically and creatively, Battlefield 4 remains a marvel, though the game’s strengths here are tempered by an uninspired narrative, which sees the player character, Recker, cooperating with his varied squadmates; their mission involves the leaping from creative environment to creative environment, each decidedly unique. From an Azerbaijanian village, characterized by brown deserts and dilapidated structures,Continue reading “Battlefield 4 – Final Review”

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Final Review

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon’s greatest narrative intention is apparent from the first: tell a quirky, eccentric tale, eliciting laughs and creating a more playful environment; here are no aspirations towards the grimy and gritty. A perfect balance is struck; despite the overbearing humor present within all facets of the narrative, the game never venturesContinue reading “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Final Review”

Sniper Elite III – Final Review

Sniper Elite 3 falters narratively, an inconsistent, dull plot dampening potential successes. Part of this narrative failing is attributable to a lack of any ambition; the entire story can be condensed into one succinct statement – weaken Axis presence in Northern Africa during the heart of World War II. No intrigue ever really emerges, andContinue reading “Sniper Elite III – Final Review”