Firewatch – Final Review

Firewatch’s narrative is a fairly straightforward construction, centering around the relocation of the player character, Henry, who leaves home and settles in a vast Wyoming wilderness preserve, desirous of escaping from the outside world with all its oppressions, hostilities, heartbreak. And Henry has long known heartbreak – consider the flagging mental state of his wife,Continue reading “Firewatch – Final Review”

Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck – Final Review

The central environments explored in Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck are oftentimes impossibly beautiful – and frequently very bizarre. Each individual map is brimming with Gearbox’s characteristic creativity, honed over many years now and nearly perfected. The imagination on display here is indeed remarkable, though this DLC is characterized by quite radical departures regardingContinue reading “Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck – Final Review”

Far Cry 4 – Final Review

Far Cry 4’s sprawling open-world environment of Kyrat, a state nestled in the bosom of the vast Himalayas, is impossibly beautiful, sharply clinging to reality though injecting life and creativity into that realism, with vibrant coloration and a pervasive sense of crispness. Startingly, arresting coloration abounds; oranges have a prominent presence, as do azures, theContinue reading “Far Cry 4 – Final Review”

On Stealth Video Games

The stealth genre by nature is brimming with opportunity for great player engagement, primed to evoke an experience characterized largely by tension, the genre benefitting greatly from its oftentimes slower, more plodding pace relative to other popular genres, like the FPS genre or third-person shooters. Those games mostly embrace the bombastic; stealth games have theContinue reading “On Stealth Video Games”

On Indie Video Games

The surge in popularity and influence of indie video games in roughly the last decade and a half has fundamentally altered the video game landscape, fundamentally bettering it, greatly increasing diversity, the diversity of experiences communicated. It was not too long ago that the experimental attributes which typically characterize indie games were regarded with relativeContinue reading “On Indie Video Games”

Catherine – Final Review

Catherine’s central narrative is wonderfully captivating, dwelling upon such mature themes as love, marriage, the obligations one owes their lover. At the heart of this maturity is the protagonist and player character, Vincent Brooks, an endearing individual who frequently displays profound depth, in a perpetual state of conflict, dedicated to his long-time girlfriend Katherine McBride,Continue reading “Catherine – Final Review”

Hydrophobia – Final Review

Hydrophobia’s central narrative is poorly presented and poorly developed, showing a pervasive sense of directionlessness, aimlessness, with a poverty of ambition. In the opening, the central environment – The Queen of the World, a sprawling ship-city with a population of millions – is subject to a damning attack, the assailants unknown though obviously threatening, menacing.Continue reading “Hydrophobia – Final Review”

Open World Analysis – Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5’s open world environment of Hope County, Montana, is frequently of a beautiful, atmospheric sort, expertly capturing life as it is lived within one distinct region of the vast, diverse United States, and all throughout the developers embraced sincerity, authenticity. Much technical excellence permits the developers to achieve this vision; draw distances areContinue reading “Open World Analysis – Far Cry 5”

Soma – Final Review

Soma is abounding in frightful, compelling atmosphere, atmosphere which results in a perpetual sense of anxiety and uneasiness – though rarely sheer dread. The central explorable environment is a series of linked complexes, situated far below the surface of the churning waves of the vast Atlantic, the time being the early twenty-second century. Understanding theseContinue reading “Soma – Final Review”

Far Cry 5 – Final Review

Far Cry 5 is incredibly atmospheric, boasting rich world-building and environmental diversity, which together heighten the joys of exploration, central to the overall experience; the decision to situate the narrative in rural, decidedly American, Montana was a bold one, being a radical departure from the game worlds featured in earlier Far Cry titles; the potentialitiesContinue reading “Far Cry 5 – Final Review”