Steam World Dig 2 – Final Review

Steam World Dig 2 possesses an abundance of charm, manifest in its various explorable environments, in the robotic NPC’s who inhabit them, each individually named, each possessive of a unique visual design, each accordingly possessing a distinct identity, almost all of them steeped in humor of some sort, humor marking a commonality. Furthering this commandingContinue reading “Steam World Dig 2 – Final Review”

Limbo – Final Review

When regarding its presentation, Limbo soars, its creativity marking its greatest source of originality, imparting a distinct identity which persists all throughout the narrative. The palette is totally deprived of any vibrancy, blacks, whites, and greys overtaking all, resulting not in blandness but a certain stylish, cinematic effect – here is darkness and bleakness, theContinue reading “Limbo – Final Review”

Outlast: Whistleblower – Final Review

As an expansion, Outlast: Whistleblower presents nothing which is novel or innovative, its gameplay an exact replication of that found in the base game. Still, its existence is justified, as it serves a strong world-building purpose, enriching the narrative of Outlast, with all its subtle complexities. Its main ambition is to explain how precisely theContinue reading “Outlast: Whistleblower – Final Review”

Outlast – Final Review

Outlast boasts many compelling atmospheres, a certain moodiness overtaking all, resulting in a constant sense of dread; the clever, beautiful interplay of light and dark is especially central to this atmospheric nature. Transpiring solely in one location – Mount Massive Asylum – larger environmental diversity is lacking somewhat, even as ample differentiation is present whenContinue reading “Outlast – Final Review”

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – Final Review

Ocarina of Time 3D begins in a highly engrossing manner, opening in the bright, verdant Kokiri Forest, everything gaiety and bliss, beautiful grasses and foliage overtaking all, resulting in a highly inviting atmosphere. As location, it is peopled by the childish Kokiri, themselves characterized by the innocence of youth, a commanding sweetness and sincerity. BeforeContinue reading “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – Final Review”

Battlefield Hardline – Final Review

In efforts to assert its own distinct identity, Battlefield Hardline marks considerable departures from earlier titles in the series; the bombastic is mostly discarded, replaced instead by a more grounded, human narrative. Delivered in an episodic fashion, each mission is rather self-contained, though an overarching narrative is present. Given this manner of storytelling, missions beginContinue reading “Battlefield Hardline – Final Review”