D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die – Final Review

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die’s central narrative is wonderfully and fiercely unique, passionately embracing a more gay, playful, and lighthearted tone, itself at odds with an industry which values and champions narrative bleakness, narrative darkness; in all facets of its construction, the tonally disheartening is broken with. D4, with this playfulness and constant insertion ofContinue reading “D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die – Final Review”

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – Final Review

Ocarina of Time 3D begins in a highly engrossing manner, opening in the bright, verdant Kokiri Forest, everything gaiety and bliss, beautiful grasses and foliage overtaking all, resulting in a highly inviting atmosphere. As location, it is peopled by the childish Kokiri, themselves characterized by the innocence of youth, a commanding sweetness and sincerity. BeforeContinue reading “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – Final Review”

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Final Review

Wolfenstein: The New Order’s narrative shows a complete absence of ambition, the core motivation capable of succinct expression – topple the Nazi regime, fight back against the abundance of power won with success in World War II, a success maintained and built upon, Nazi powers extending far beyond Europe, their machinations and barbarities affecting all.Continue reading “Wolfenstein: The New Order – Final Review”

Resident Evil 7 – Final Review

Resident Evil 7’s narrative is instantly engaging, seeing the player character, Ethan Winters, receive a distress signal from his long missing wife, Mia, clearly in a state of frantic desperation, obviously oppressed. Gone for some considerable duration, something inherently reassuring is attached to her message, grim though her mental state may be; she is alive,Continue reading “Resident Evil 7 – Final Review”

Condemned: Criminal Origins – Final Review

Condemned: Criminal Origins is characterized by an overwhelming bleakness, manifest both in its narrative and its environmental construction. Regarding the former, the game seeks to convey a mostly grounded, human story, analyzing the psychology of the player character, Ethan Thomas, who gradually descends into madness, given the betrayal he experiences at the beginning of theContinue reading “Condemned: Criminal Origins – Final Review”

Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Final Review

Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s greatest ambition – and greatest achievement – is related to the construction and maintenance of atmosphere. Unfolding in a sprawling manor deep in the woods of Prussia, the game is of a decidedly moody sort, arresting and impactful from the first. Clever manipulation of light and shadow contribute to this atmosphericContinue reading “Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Final Review”

Crysis 3 – Final Review

Crysis 3’s narrative is a confused, muddled mess, with two central pillars of focus, one which revolves around the tyrannous, menacing Cell faction, their primary motivation being the acquisition of power; acting indefatigably in their search, often do they commit acts of brutal violence, unflinching and remorseless, almost corrupted by the tangibility of that power.Continue reading “Crysis 3 – Final Review”

Aragami – Final Review

Aragami, as a pure stealth title, can be an occasionally brutal experience, the player character – the titular Aragami – defenseless upon detection, recognition often equating to a swift and violent death. Certain offensive abilities are purchasable, but they do little to lessen the punishing nature of the gameplay – punishing, though never frustrating. DespiteContinue reading “Aragami – Final Review”

Super Metroid – Final Review

Aesthetically, Super Metroid remains timeless, the sprite work highly detailed, environments characterized by vibrancy and a strange sort of exoticism, communicating the bizarre nature of the gameworld proper, the distant, alien planet of Zebes, where the protagonist Samus travels in response to some urgent distress call. As with the planet, Samus herself sports a compellingContinue reading “Super Metroid – Final Review”

Borderlands – Final Review

Narratively, Borderlands shows a poverty of ambition, its story construction unremarkable and uninspired, with a total absence of character development, or the establishment of a singular, menacing antagonist. True, a solid motivation is established from the first, which consistently guides the player throughout, never wavering, one central anchor – here the game shows a senseContinue reading “Borderlands – Final Review”