Watch Dogs – Final Review

            Watch Dogs as a game is engaged in a fierce struggle to discover and assert its own distinct identity. In the end, it fails in ever achieving the much-desired uniqueness. It has taken the mechanics of other open world games, and while they have been transplanted here fairly accurately, the very fact that itContinue reading “Watch Dogs – Final Review”

Watch Dogs – Impressions 2

            Watch Dogs is at its best when it is original. Much of the gameplay is a mixture of driving and shooting sections, which have become a hallmark of the open world genre since its inception and popularization; a blueprint has been established, and the developers follow it quite faithfully – for better and forContinue reading “Watch Dogs – Impressions 2”

Watch Dogs – Impressions 1

            One of Watch Dogs’ greatest strengths is its open world, though those strengths are tempered strongly by a great many flaws. There is a large, sprawling map – Chicago – which is littered with icons and objectives – as would be expected in a modern game from this genre. But despite the impressive quantityContinue reading “Watch Dogs – Impressions 1”